Equipment and System Installation

After a greenhouse structure has been decided upon we will be available to assist you in getting the proper equipment in place to ensure success. We have partnered with the top greenhouse suppliers in the U.S. to offer the best in heavy duty, commercial greenhouse equipment in the industry. Please contact us for additional information on greenhouse equipment, system installation, and supplies.

Greenhouse Heating

Popular heating component options include retractable shade/heat retention systems, unit heaters, radiant heat, under bench heating, and more. We also offer Modine gas and propane heaters, as well as several other types and styles ideal for greenhouse use.

Greenhouse Cooling

Popular options include evaporative cooling systems, shade cloths, exhaust fans, horizontal airflow fans, high efficiency fog systems, and environmental control systems.

Natural Ventilation

Manual and motorized venting options include ridge vents, gutter vents, sidewall and end wall roll-up / drop-down curtains, rack & pinion sidewall and end wall vents, and more.

Shade/Heat Retention Systems

For interior shade we recommend the internal retractable shade/heat system by Conley which utilizes reflective curtain fabrics with insulating qualities, a heavy duty rack & pinion drive, motors with safety limit switches, and is available in flat or slope-flat-slop profile. Other options include woven and knitted shade fabrics, and fabric fastening components.

Benches and Bench Systems

Greenhouse bench systems are designed and manufactured to fit every grower's need. Bench options include over-easy rolling, stationary, palletized and portable steel for versatility and durability. An extensive selection of plastic and steel retail benching is also available for customer plant displays.


Our complete line of hydroponic supplies and kits include herb tables, vine crop systems, and nutrient solutions.


Automated irrigation options include overhead misting or in-pot drip systems.

Supplemental Grow Lighting

When supplemental grow lighting is needed we offer the best grow lights and fixtures available, including fixed, detached, electronic, switchable ballasts and high-output sodium or metal halide bulbs.

Additional Equipment

Other greenhouse equipment options include Power Control Systems, humidity control, CO2 generators, soil handling equipment, fertilizer injectors and everything else that commercial growers require.

Covering and Fastening

Offer a full line of greenhouse covering options including polyethylene film, twin-wall and corrugated polycarbonate, covering fasteners, swing doors and sliding doors.

Please view our pre-manufactured Greenhouse Structures page for visual representations of the common covering options, and select the details link to see the popular customization options available for each greenhouse structure.

Agricultural and Growth Supplies

To assist with the day-to-day needs of commercial greenhouses we offer a complete selection of greenhouse supplies, everything from shade cloths, to pots, flats, soil to fertilizers.

Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth helps provide uniform shading for greenhouse plants, regulating high temperatures from full sun, which allows plants to more efficient retain moisture.

Containers and Flats

We have access to every major style of flower pot, flat, or container available from quantities of 10 to full pallets.


Fertilizer options include time-released Osmocote and water-soluble fertilizers as an injector. Both are available in ready-to-use nutrient combinations.

Pest Control

Pest control solutions include treatments for insects, fungus, or intrusive weeds.

Soil and Amendments

We offer the best potting and growing mediums available including soil-less Pro-Mix, vermiculite, perlite, and SoilMost.

Growth Regulators

When starting new cutting and transplanting we offer the best in growth regulators and hormones.

For Greenhouse supplies we recommend the GreenhouseMegastore from IGCUSA.